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Control Cable: OB-602 PUR YELLOW

+80�C/+176�F, 600 V, 2 Approvals Control Cable

Sealcon, Inc, European & Domestic cable

Sealcon,  - OB-602 PUR YELLOW, Two Approvals Control Cable, UL, CSA Approved, 80 degree Celsius, 600 V
Part-No. Description & No. Conductors x cross-sec. mm2 Outer
Copper weight
ca. kg/km
12544 OB-602 PUR YELLOW 3X1.5 8.0 43.0 89.0 16
12545 OB-602 PUR YELLOW 4X1.5 8.6 58.0 108.0 16
12546 OB-602 PUR YELLOW 5X1.5 9.3 72.0 130.0 16
12547 OB-602 PUR YELLOW 3X2.5 9.0 72.0 124.0 14
12548 OB-602 PUR YELLOW 4X2.5 9.9 96.0 150.0 14
12549 OB-602 PUR YELLOW 5X2.5 10.9 120.0 184.0 14
Technical Data
  • Control cable of special-PUR to UL Style 21127 and CSA AWM I/II A/B
  • Temperature Range
    -40�C to +90�C (-40�F to +194�F)
    Fixed Installation
    -50�C to +90�C (-58�F to +194�F)
    Flexing to +75�C/+167�F
    Fixed Installation to +75�C/+167�F
    Flexing to +80�C/+176�F
    Fixed Installation to +80�C/+176�F
  • Nominal Voltage
    DIN VDE U0/U 300/500 V
    UL/CSA U 600 V
  • Test Voltage 3000 V
  • Minimum Bending Radius
    Flexing 6x cable �
    Fixed Installation 4x cable �
  • Radiation Resistance
    Up to 100x106 cJ/kg (up to 100 Mrad)
Cable Construction  
  • Bare copper, fine wire stranded to DIN VDE 0295 cl. 5, BS 6360 cl. 5 and IEC 60228 cl. 5
  • Conductor insulation of special thermoplastic
  • Conductors color to UL color code
  • Color code
    1 conductors: black
    2 conductors: white
    3 conductors: red
    4 conductors: green
    5 conductors: brown
  • Conductors stranded in layers with optimal lay-length
  • Conductor wrapping with fleece
  • PUR outer jacket TMPU to DIN VDE 0282 part 10, attachment A
  • Jacket color: Yellow (RAL 1021)
Extremely robust duo-standard flexible control cable up to 600 V. Used in nearly all machines, plants and devices for US and Canadian market. Suitable for dry, moist and wet areas and outdoor applications with medium mechanical stresses for flexible applications with free movements without tensile stresses. This PUR control cable is used in tool making machinery, conveyor systems and production lines, in air conditioning, iron, steel and chemical industries.
CE Approval= The product is conformed with the EC Low-Voltage Directive 73/23/EEC and 93/68/EEC.
  • Resistant to mineral oils, synthetic oils and refrigerants, UV-radiation, ozone and oxygen
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Tear and cut-resistant
  • Notch resistant
  • The materials used in manufacturing are cadmium-free, do not contain any silicone and are free from substances harmful to the wetting properties of lacquers
  • Flame test to VDE 0482-332-1-2, DIN EN 60332-1-2 / IEC 60332-1 (equivalent DIN VDE 0472 part 804 test method B), UL VW-1, CSA FT1
  • Halogen-free according to DIN VDE 0482 part 267 / EN 50267-2-1 / IEC 60754-1 (equivalent DIN VDE 0472 part 815)
  • Corrosiveness of combustion gases according to VDE 0482 part 267 / DIN EN 50267-2-2 / IEC 60754-2 (equivalent DIN VDE 0472 part 813)
  • Currently not available.
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  • Coming Soon!
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