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Camozzi Index|Valves


CAMOZZI Valves - Manual, Mechanical & Air-Pilot

Series 1 and 3 - Mechanically Operated Valves

Series 1 and 3 - Mechanically Operated Valves

3-way/2-position and 5-way/2-position, Ports 1/8" and 1/4" NPTF,
Series 1: 1/8" and 1/4" NPTF, Series 3: 1/8" NPTF
(Part Listed Are BSP For NPT Sizes - Add TF to Order Code)

The mechanically operated valves in the Series 3 (1/8") have been designed with three different types of actuation:

  • plunger
  • lever/roller
  • unidirectional lever/roller

In each case, return is effected by a mechanical spring.
The Series 3, 3-way/2-position valves are normally closed in the rest position when the pressure is supplied at P and are normally open when the pressure is supplied at the connection R, the user port A remaining unchanged.
Moreover, the 5-way/2-position valves may be supplied via the ports R and S with two different pressures if a cylinder has to be operated using a delivery pressure which is different from the return pressure. They can be operated with vacuum down to -.9 bar (28" Hg). Additionally, the series 3 valves can be supplied with 2 different pressures into ports 3 and 5 if a cylinder requires different extend and retract forces. The series 1 valves offer a more rugged, compact design with steel operator interfaces.

Series 1 and 3 - Mechanically Operated Valves
Valves 338-945TF Valves 338-945
Valves 358-945TF Valves 358-945
Valves 338-955TF Valves 338-955
Valves 358-955TF Valves 358-955
Valves 338-965TF Valves 338-965
Valves 358-965TF Valves 358-965
Valves 138-945TF Valves 138-945
Valves 148-945TF Valves 148-945
Valves 158-945TF Valves 158-945
Valves 138-955TF Valves 138-955
Valves 158-955TF Valves 158-955
Valves 138-965TF Valves 138-965
Valves 134-945TF Valves 134-945
Valves 154-945TF Valves 154-945
Valves 134-955TF Valves 134-955
Valves 154-955TF Valves 154-955
(Part Listed Are BSP For NPT Sizes - Add TF to Order Code)
Technical Specifications
Valve group 3/2, 5/2, (way/positions)
Construction Spool type Series 3; Poppet type series 1
Mounting Mounting holes in valve body
Materials Anodized body, Stainless steel spool, Buna-N seals
Threaded port size 1/8" and 1/4" NPTF
Installation Single panel mount
Operating temperature 32°F - 175°F, (dry air necessary down to -4°F)
Fluid Filtered air (25 micron or less recommended)
Lubricant Not required; otherwise, oil compatible with Buna-N, (3° - 10°E) (ISOVG32 grade; 32 centistrokes)
Pneumatic Data
Operating pressure 0 - 10 bar (0 - 145 psi, down to -.9 bar vacuum; 28" Hg with Series 3)
Nominal pressure 6 bar (87 psi)
Nominal flow *Qn Series 1: 1/8" = 500 NL/min. (17.65 SCFM); 1/4" = 1250 NL/min. (44.14 SCFM)
Series 3: 1/8" = 700 NL/min. (24.7 SCFM)
Nominal Diameter 1/8" = 5 mm
Cv Rating Series 1: 1/8" = 0.52; 1/4" = 1.31
Series 3: 1/8" = 0.73
*Qn flowrate (SCFM) determined with a supply pressure of 6 bar, (87 psi), and with a pressure drop of 1 bar (14.5 psi)
**Dimensions are in millimeters
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