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Heat-Resistant Cable: Compensating Cables

Introduction/Product Description

Sealcon, Inc, European & Domestic cable

Heat Resistant / Compensating Cables, Sealcon,
Technical Data
  • Special insulation as per requirement of PVC, Silicone, Fluorinated polymeric or Glass filament

  • Conductor Resistance
    According to DIN 43713
    Fe: 0.080 Ohm/m
    CuNi: 0.327 Ohm/m
    NiCr: 0.720 Ohm/m
    Ni: 270 Ohm/m
    PtRh: 0.023 Ohm/m
    Pt: 0.041 Ohm/m
  • Test Voltage
    For PVC, Fluorinated polymeric and Silicone cables:
    Conductor/Conductor 500V
    Conductor/Shield 500V
    Shield/Shield 500V

  • Test Voltage
    Cables with Glass Filament
    Conductor/Conductor 500 V

  • Insulation Resistance
    For PVC, Fluorinated polymeric and Silicone cables: min. 10 MOhm x km
Technical Data Continued
  • Capacitance
    Approximate Value - nF/km
      Stranded Wire 1.5mm2 Solid Wire 1.5mm2 Stranded Wire 0.22mm2
    PVC conductor pair 135 138 115
    Shielded 240 245 180
    FEP conductor pair 60 60 45
    Shielded 120 120 70
    Silicone conductor 80 70 45

  • Induction (guiding value)
    For PVC, Fluorinated polymeric and Silicone cables < 1 mH/km

  • Corrosiveness of Combustion Gases (Free from Halogen)
    • Silicone and Glass filament
      Test method to VDE 0472 part 813 and IEC 60754-1
    • No development of corrosive gases

  • Behavior in Fire
    PVC self-extinguishing and flame retardant according to VDE 0482-322-1-2, DIN EN 60332-1-2 / IEC 60332-1 (equivalent DIN VDE 0472 part 804 test method B)
    Flame Test
    to DIN VDE 0482 part 266-2 / HD 405.3, BS 4066 part 3 / EN 50266-2/ IEC 60332-3 (equivalent DIN VDE 0472 part 804 test method C)
Cable Construction  
  • Conductors of stranded wires or solid, insulated with special material
  • Conductors: Fe/CuNi, Ni/Cr Ni or Pt Rh/Pt
  • Insulation: PVC, Silicone, Fluorinated polymeric or glass filament
  • Conductor identification: color coded, single color (see also color identification table)
  • Color code for pairs
    from 3 pairs and above the individual pairs number coded
  • Jacket materials: PVC, Silicone, Fluorinated polymeric or glass filament braiding
  • Shielded braiding of galvanized steel wire (type SY) or galvanized copper wire braided shielding


  • For temperature measuring. Tthe temperature is dependent upon the characteristics of materials are taken into consideration, for example the expansion thermometer of the thermocouples etc. Temperature measuring appliances with a thermocouple as transmitter of the measured value consists generally of the thermocouple, the connection between the junction and a reference part, a comparative part where the temperature is known under a voltage measuring device. The fitted connection line between the thermocouple and the comparative part must have the same thermo electrical characteristics as the thermocouple. The difference of temperature is measured between the measuring point and the comparative part of the cable. Tolerance of the meter resistance ±10%

For Hazardous Areas

  • The compensating cables for thermo-elements with plastic insulation are permitted to have an imprint of color longitudinal stripe of the same belonging thermo-element types and as follows:
    Cu/Cu-Ni = brown
    Fe/Cu-Ni = dark blue
    NiCr / Ni = green
    Pt-Rh/Pt = white
    The compensating cables for thermo-elements with mineral insulation or with metal braiding must be identified with a light blue colored tape of sufficient width for intrinsic safe, which can be webbed in the braiding.
Compensating cables are an essential part of exact and precise measuring capabilities. They are used as extension leads from the thermocoupling elements to the measure gauge. Compensating cables are made up of a positive and a negative core which, at a thermocoupler temperature of up to +200°C/392°F, retain the same properties as a Thermopair according to DIN 43710.
  • Materials (Compensating wires and strands)
    • We distinguish between original raw materials and substitutes
    • Compensating wires and strands of original raw materials are made of the same material as the corresponding thermocouple and they are called Thermocable or Thermocouplecable
    • Compensating wires and strands of substitute materials, which consist of alloys and are not identical with the corresponding thermocouple are called Compensating Cable
    • Substitute materials are used for the Thermo pairs type K and type N
    • Precious metal thermopairs
      Type R, type S, type B consist of thermo materials

    Thermocouple Cables

    • Consists of the same element material as the thermocouple and are tested to the same temperatures
    • These cables are manufactured to customers request

  • Thermomaterials consist of very expensive materials while the substitutes are much cheaper
Cable Accessories  
  • Coming Soon!
Cable Technical Data Construction and ApplicationProperties and Note Accessories
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