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TRAYCONTROL 500 flexible and oil-resistant control cable

For open installation TC-ER, PLTC-ER, ITC-ER, NFPA 79 Edition 2007



HELUKABEL® TRAYCONTROL 500 is a flexible, oil-resistant control cable. The special combination of TC-ER, PLTC-ER and ITC-ER allows this cable to be used as a connecting cable for industrial plant and machinery in accordance with NFPA 79 Edition 2007. Approved for open, unprotected installation in cable trays to the machine. Its outstanding oil resistance (OIL RES I & II) guarantees a long service life for industrial applications in dry, damp and wet environments.

Recommended applications: production lines, bottling plants, machine construction, switch cabinets, conveyor systems, packaging machines, automotive industry.

CE = The product conforms to the EG Low-Voltage Directive 2006/95/EG

Technical Data

• PVC control cable according to UL Standard 1277

• Temperature range: Flexing -5°C to +90°C / Fixed installation -40°C to +90°C

• Nominal voltage: TC 600 V, AWM: 1000 V, TC Wind Turbine (WTTC): 1000V, Test voltage 3000 V

• Minimum bending radius: Flexing 4x cable Ø

• Insulation resistance: Min. 20 MOhm x km

• Radiation resistance: Up to 80×106 cJ/kg (up to 80 Mrad)

Cable Structure

• Bare copper conductor, fine wire stranded

• Special PVC core insulation with transparent nylon skin

• Black cores with continuous white numbering

• Green-yellow earth core in the outer layer, 3 cores and more

• Cores stranded in layers with optimal lay-lengths

• Separator

• Special PVC outer jacket

• Jacket/Sheath color – grey (RAL 7001)

• With length marking in feet


• Self-extinguishing and flame retardant in accordance with CSA FT4

• The materials used in manufacture are free of silicone, cadmium and substances that impair paint wetting

• Tests

UL: TC-ER, PLTC-ER (AWG 18 – AWG 12), ITC-ER (AWG 18 – AWG 12), MTW, NFPA 79 2007, WTTC 1000V, DP-1, OIL RES I & II, 90°C dry / 75°C wet, Class 1 Div. 2 per NEC Art 336, 392, 501, crush impact test in accordance with UL 1277