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Keep Your Production Running!

control cable

Flexible Control Cables have been used to build machines and plants which shall take on different functions. To raise, sink, slide, drill, transport and much more.

These cables are necessary to ensure a friction less flow of data and material. We are able to offer most of these cables: for many applications on the following pages we present cables for corresponding applications.

Hi-Tech Controls wishes you a Happy Holidays!

Flat Cable

Every day we go through the motions: snooze the alarm – twice, perform all the hygienic tasks we learned as children and grab a coffee to go as we make our way to work. Once we reach the office, we grab another cup of coffee and begin answering emails. The day goes on and you successfully complete your assignments, so you begin your commute back home to spend time with family or to go to happy hour with a few friends.

Whatever your day looks like, there is a system you follow, and if your system is faulty – say the office coffee pot is broken – then your day doesn’t run as smoothly.

Much like conveyor systems, you need proper functionality to accomplish daily tasks. This is why it’s so important to install the proper equipment. When it comes to conveyor systems and trailing cables for crane installations, you need oil resistant cables with small bending radii and high flexibility.

Expert and proper installation is important to ensure accurate operation, so please contact us to request the corresponding instructions.

Hi-Tech offers the following four Neoprene and PVC flat cables:


Find technical data, cable structure and more about these cables  on our website!

Intrinsically Safe Cable

Intrinsic CableWhen you hear hazardous what do you picture? Perhaps a fire or an explosion of some sort, but what about the sign that told you to stay out? You know, the bright yellow one that warns you of the toxic atmosphere you’re about to enter?

The bright blue jackets on our electrical cables for intrinsically safe circuits act in a similar way. They indicate a separate power circuit for hazardous type -i- that does not allow applications of green-yellow protective conductors. The intrinsically safe design is a technique that limits the energy below what is required to ignite a hazardous atmospheric mixture. This special jacket is oil, petrol and flame resistant and can be installed in damp or dry environments. That being said, installation is not permitted in open air or underground.

We offer three intrinsically safe cables at Hi-Tech Controls with a Flexible Blue (RAL 5015) PVC Outer Jacket for Hazardous Areas.

OZ-BL: Bare copper fine wire conductors, Black cores with white continuous figure imprint to DIN VDE 0293 without earth core, No wire screening

OZ-BL-CY: Bare copper fine wire conductors, Black cores with white continuous figure imprint to DIN VDE 0293 without earth core; Braided tinned copper wire screening with 85% coverage

OB-BL-PAAR-CY: Bare copper fine wire conductors, Color cores according to DIN 47100, Braided tinned copper wire screening with 80% coverage

Contact our sales team, info@hitechcontrols.com, for more information!

High Flex Cable for Drag Chains

Drag chains, or cable carriers, are designed to protect cables on automated machinery, but what good does it do if the cables they’re protecting can’t handle the stress required for permanent operations in machinery? That’s like repairing the roof of your house while termites picnic on the bearing walls. What good is the roof going to be when the damaged infrastructure causes the house to collapse?

The same logic can be applied for applications that require extremely high processing speeds that need flexible cables with high mechanical stress resistance including export-oriented mechanical engineering, machine tools, production lines, robotic systems and systems engineering. Our SUPER-PAAR-TRONIC-C-PUR and SUPER-PAAR-TRONIC 340-C-PUR cables are developed with TPE and polyolefin core insulation, respectfully, and an adhesion-low & cut-resistant PUR-outer jacket. These cables guarantee reliable function and are ideal for multi-shift operations.

For more information on cables for drag chains, please visit our website and contact info@hitechcontrols.com for a quote!

Product Announcement

You’ve heard the phrase “It’s what’s on the inside that counts” and at Hi-Tech Controls we believe it! We try our best to deliver products with outstanding quality for all of your applications. However, we also want you to be pleased with our product aesthetics. The new ENYCASE® Enclosure/Junction Box will provide you with everything you’re looking for. These boxes are designed for outdoor installation with protection from moisture, dirt, and dust (NEMA 4X, IP66/67) and offer higher impact resistance (IK09, 10 Joule) than our current stock of enclosure/junction boxes.

If you’re not picking up the phone to contact our sales reps yet, then maybe one of these key features will convince you:

1) Maximum Wiring Space 
The new robust design provides more room for all of your wiring needs.

2) Smooth or Metric Knockouts All of our new ENYCASE® Enclosure/Junction Boxes are available with smooth or multi-level metric knockouts.

3) Quick and Secure Lid Lock Locking the enclosure lid is easier than ever! Just turn a  screwdriver a quarter-turn.

4) Mounting Brackets Every Box, whether it comes with or without knockouts or terminal blocks, comes with external mounting brackets.

5) Terminal Blocks Every size are available with or without  terminal blocks.

6) Eight Sizes 3.66 x 3.66 x 2.44 / 4.09 x 4.09 x 2.76 / 5.12 x 5.12 x 3.03 / 7.09 x 5.12 x 3.03 / 8.27 x 6.10 x 3.62 / 10.03 x 8.07 x 4.41 / 11.61 x 8.86 x 4.80 / 13.98 x 10.04 x 4.80

For a complete list of specifications visit our website or call us directly 303-680-5159!

New Sealcon Catalog Available! – Cable Glands, Strain Relief and Connectors for Hazardous/Increased Safety Locations

Request a Strain Relief Catalog

Request Ex Hazardous Areas Strain Relief Catalog

Armored and Non-Armored Solutions.

Ex-e and Ex-d Products / EXIOS / Detailed Drawings / Applications / Technical Information.
View Online Catalog!

Ex Accessories: Reducers, Hex Plugs, Hole Plugs, Earthtags

(ATEX, IECEx & EX Ratings, Thread Specs Etc.)

Request your Catalog Today!

Tray Rated Cables

NFPA 79 Tray Rated CablesHi-Tech Controls introduces our new catalog for NFPA 79 Compliant Tray Rated Cables for Factory Automation. We have also improved our website to include all of the NFPA 79 Compliant Tray Rated Cables  in one location.

Helukabel USA Inc: The HELUWIND® WK 137-Torsion FT4

HELUWIND WK 137-Torsion FT4The high-performance cable for wind power turbines with global approvals!

HELUKABEL® offers a Wind Turbine Cable that is specially designed for torsional application in cable loops and successfully passed the challenging CSA FT4 flame test! The rigors of wind power environments make high demands on the quality of cable: mechanical load, aggressive oil, extreme temperatures. While in one part of the world wind turbine cables are required to resist extreme heat, in another ice threatens their operability. Based on over 30 years of experience in designing and producing wire & cable, the faith in high-quality raw materials and constant research & development HELUKABEL® developed a product that withstands these forces and therefore exactly meets the requirements of wind turbine manufacturers.

Properties of the HELUWIND® WK 137-Torsion FT4:

  • extremely abrasion resistant with a significantly longer lifetime than rubber cable
  • halogen-free and highly flame-retardant
  • extremely oil resistant; the cable was tested successfully for the aggressive oil effectively used in wind power turbines
  • superior twisting and flexing performance: the torsion application of +/-150° per 1m is tested in more than 16,000 cycles in the 27 ft high HELUKABEL® research tower that reproduces construction and conditions of the cable loop within a wind tower
  • UV- and seawater resistant (suitable for offshore-installation)
  • temperature range of -40°C to 90°C (UL: 80°C)
  • approvals:    UL, CSA, RoHS, CE (VDE and WTTC in preparation)Because of these multiple properties the HELUWIND® WK 137-Torsion FT4 may be applied under all climatic conditions. This provides long-term cost benefits to the manufacturers of wind turbines: it releases them from managing and stocking different types of cables for various locations of installation. In this manner the assembly of the wind power turbines is independent from its installation location.HELUKABEL® is an international manufacturer and supplier of wires, cables and cable accessories with sales of 500 Million USD in 2008. The company specializes in flexible and continuous flex cable as well as products for renewable energy applications: The first custom made cable for wind power applications was developed 15 years ago. The companies’ headquarters in Germany and warehouses in over 40 countries serve costumers all over the world. Products complying with the following standards are in stock or will be manufactured on request: UL, CSA, BS, HAR, VDE, TÜV, CCC, GOST-R.

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