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Index British Standard

91 Electric cables, soldering buckets
125 Electric conductors, copper & copper-cadmium, for overhead transmission
215 Electric conductors, aluminum & steel-conductor aluminum
801 Cable jackets, lead and lead alloy
1441 Galvanized steel wire, for submarine cables
1442 Galvanized steel wire, for land cables
1791 Electric conductors, copper, cotton-covered
1843 Insulated cables, twin compensating cables, thermocouples, color codes
1990 Communication transmission lines, wood poles
2316 Coaxial cables, radio frequency
2848 Cable sheaths, flexible
3242 Electric conductors, aluminum alloy, stranded, for power transmission
3573 Communication cables, polyolefin insulated & jacket, copper-conductor cables
3858 Electric cables, sleeves, binding & identification
3988 Electric conductors, aluminum solid conductors, for insulated cables
4066 Superseded by BSEN 50266-1:2001
4553 Insulated cables, PVC-insulated, split concentric copper
4565 Electric conductors, steal wire for reinforcing aluminum conductors
4579 Electric cables, mechanical & compression joints in connectors

Electric conductors, copper, paper covered

4799 Electric conductors, copper glass fiber lapped
4801 Electric conductors, copper, glass fiber braided
4808 Communication cables, LE, PVC insulated & sheathed
4927 Electric conductors, copper, textile covered
50266 Test methods for cables under fire conditions
5055 Insulated cables, PVC & Elastomer-insulated, for discharge-tube installations
5099 Cable jackets, spark testing
5308 Insulated cables, instrumentation, intrinsically safe
5372 Electric cables, terminations for 3 & 4 conductor insulated cables, dimensions
5425 Communication cables, coaxial
5467 Power cables, armored thermosetting-polymer insulated, for electricity supply
5593 Cables with jacket, aluminum-shielded CONSAC cables
5819 Communication cables for interconnection between video recorder and television receivers
6004 Insulated cables, PVC insulated, non-armored
6007 Insulated cables, rubber-insulated, non-armored
6116 Flexible cables, Elastomer-insulated flexible trailing cables, for mines and quarries
6141 Flexible conductors, for high temperature zones
6195 Flexible cables, insulated, for coil leads
6207 Mineral-insulated cables, copper sheathed, with copper conductors
6231 Single-conductor cables, PVC insulated, for switchgear and control gear
6234 Insulated cables, polyethylene
6346 Power cables, PVC-insulated, for electricity supply
6360 Electric conductors, insulated cables
6387 Electric cables, fire-resistant, tests
6425 Electric cables, combustion gases, test methods
6469 Insulated cables, insulation and sheaths, test methods
6480 Power cables, impregnated paper-insulated, lead or lead alloy sheathed electric cables
6485 Electric conductors, PVC covered overhead power line conductors
6500 Flexible cables, insulated cords and cables
6622 Power cables, thermosetting-polymer insulated, high voltage
6708 Flexible cables, trailing cables, mining equipment
6724 Thermosetting polymer insulated, for electricity supply, low smoke
6726 Flexible conductors, for festoon and temporary lighting
6746 Cable jackets, PVC
6862 Electric cables, road vehicles
6883 Insulated cables, Elastomer insulated cables, for ships
6899 Cable jackets, rubber
6946 Electric cables, metal channel support systems
6977 Multi conductor cables, insulated flexible cables, for lifts
7211 Power cables, thermosetting polymer insulated, non-armored, low smoke
7365 Electric conductors, hard drawn aluminum wire, for overhead lines
7919 Electric cables, flexible cables rated up to 450/750V for use with appliances and equipment intended for industrial and similar environments
9530 Electric cables, cable fitting accessories, assessed quality, for circular electrical connectors
4737 Insulated cables, PVC-insulated, for intruder alarm systems
5425 Coaxial cables, for wideband distribution systems
638 Flexible cables, arc welding
6746C Insulated cables, PVC insulation, color chart
Aero 2E21 Pren type electric cables, for aircraft
Aero G177 Insulated cables, Nyvin type for aircraft
Aero G189 Tersil electric cables, for aircraft, imperial units
Aero G192 Specification for Efglas type electric cables with copper conductors, for aircraft
Aero G195 Insulated cables, Minyvin type, for aircraft, imperial units
Aero G206 Fepsil-type cables, for aircraft
Aero G210 Specification for PTFE insulated equipment wires (with silver plated copper conductors)
Aero G212

Electric cables, for aircraft

Aero G215 Insulated cables, thermocouple extension cables, for aircraft
Aero G221 Insulated cables, Minyvin-type, for aircraft, metric units
Aero G222 Insulated cables, Efglas-type, for aircraft, metric units
Aero G227 Tersil electric cables, for aircraft, metric units
Aero G230 Specification for general requirements for aircraft electrical cables (second series)
Aero G231 Electric conductors, copper and copper alloy, for aircraft cables
Aero G232 Insulated cables, lightweight thin-wall, wrapped for aircraft
Aero G233 Insulated cables, lightweight thin-wall, extruded for aircraft
Aero G235 Insulated cables, lightweight thin-wall, wrapped, silver plated copper conductors for aircraft
Aero G236 Insulated cables, lightweight thin-wall, wrapped, nickel plated copper conductors for aircraft
Aero G237 Insulated cables, lightweight thin-wall, extruded, nickel plated copper conductors for aircraft
Aero G238 Insulated cables, lightweight thin-wall, wrapped, nickel plated copper conductors for aircraft
Aero G241 Electric cables, fire-proof, for aircraft
Aero G242 Communication cables, for aircraft data bus interconnecting systems
Aero G243 Electric cables, ignition, for aircraft engines
Aero G291 Insulated cables, Efglas-type, for aircraft, imperial units
AU231 Specification for seven-conductor connecting cable for road vehicles
AU237 Flexible conductors, jumper lead sets, for automotive starting
AU7 Electric cables, automotive, color codes
AU 88 Electric cables, automobile, light duty, ratings
AU88a Recommendations for ratings for light duty cables for automobile use

Electric cables, manufacturers‘ identification threads, Commonwealth, South Africa, color register

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