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Information and Installation Instructions for UL and CSA cables

UL/CSA cables must be protected against mechanical, thermal and chemical damages.

Installation in switchboards and control boards
  • Inside switchboards, flexible single conductor cables must be installed in cable channels of plastics
  • As American cables are not so flexible, the minimum bending radius must be taken into consideration during flexible installation.
For connections on machinery and equipment
  • Permissible tube and conduit ø: minimum-Ø = 1/2“ (inch) maximum-Ø = 4“ (inch)
    Minimum wall-thickness of the conduit = 1.9 mm
  • Normal steel armored tubes with transition socket PG-NPT is used. Further metal cable channels must also be used.
  • The cables are permitted to be filled with only max. 50% cross-section of the cable channel.
  • Flexible single conductors must be installed in PVC tubes inside the conduits.
    If connectors are used, both the main and the control cables should be installed separately.
Delivery program:
  • PVC tubes
  • Metal tubes and glands
  • Fixing material
  • Steel armored tubes.
Cable Channels
  • Cable channels in switchboards must be made out of  flame resistant PVC and must have enough spare space.
  • Cable channels on machineries and equipment must be made out of metal. They must also be closed and oil resistant.
Cable identification
  • Cable identification is achieved through continuous numbers, letters or number/letter combination. The beginning and end of the cable have the same identification system.
Cable connections to apparatus
  • Main and Control cables
    It is depending on the type of connection to the apparatus if screw or press clamps are used.
  • In USA, it is normal to install cables without using cable lugs or cable crushing socket. The connection is only possible with the UL-wires sizes. These sizes are not designed with fine wire stranding make-up.
Conductor cross-section
General rules Min. Cross-section for
Motor Cables AWG 14
Control Cables
  - in switch boards
  - in installed system

AWG 18
AWG 16

This rule does not apply to electronic devices and systems.
In case, the electronic cables and other circuits are installed together, all cables must be set for maximum voltage.

Color identification

  • Black
    For main circuits, control- and sub-circuits, direct connected to main voltage.
  • Blue
    For direct voltage- (d. c), control- and sub-circuits, which are connected to the main circuit.
  • Red
    For alternating voltage (a. c.), control and sub-circuits.
  • Yellow or brown
    For interlock circuits from an external power source.
  • White or gray
    For current conveying earthed conductors at main, control and sub-circuits.
  • Green or green-yellow
    For insulated ground-connectors as protective conductor.
Motor-driving voltages
200 / 230 / 460 / 575 V, 60 Hz

Driving voltage
Normally the driving voltage is 120 V, 60 Hz or lower.
Transformers must be operated with separate windings.
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