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Heat-resistance classes as per VDE 0530 part 1

Class Insulating Material Impregnation Material Max. Continuous Temperature Cable Type

Cotton, Synthetic and natural silk, Polyamide fibers, Paper, Polyvinylchloride (PVC), Polyethylene (PE), Vulcanized rubber



European PVC + Neoprene cables
A Cotton, Synthetic and natural silk, Polyamide, Paper, heat-resistant impregnated textiles, Polyester resin Bitumous varnish Synthetic resin varnish Insulating oil and synthetic di-electrical fluids 105°C HELUTHERM® single conductors, control cables UL + CSA-approved

Special wire enamel, Special synthetic foils, Compressed material with cellulose fillers, Paper and cotton tapes

Synthetic resin varnish and Polyester resin, both with a permissible continuous withstand temperature of > 120°C

105°C (short time operation 120°C)



Glass fiber, Mica products, Special synthetic foils, Compressed materials with mineral fillers

As under E but with a permissible continuous withstand temperature of > 130°C

145°C HELUTHERM® 145

Glass fiber, Mica products, Aromatic polyamides, Impregnated glass fiber braids

Resins with a permissible continuous withstand temperature of > 155°C



H Glass fiber, Mica products, Aromatic polyamides, Silicone rubber, Polyamide foils, PTFE Silicone resins with a permissible continuous withstand temperature of > 180°C


Silicone + HELUFLON® tinned conductors


Mica, Porcelain, Glass, Quartz, and similar fire resistant materials

As under H but with a permissible continuous withstand temperature of > 225°C

> 180°C

HELUFLON® PTFE+FEP with tinned or nickel plated conductors, HELUTHERM® 400/600/800/1200

Caloric Load Values (Heat of Combustion)

For designing a building the criterions of the caloric load values are very important. The caloric load values of the modern halogen-free cables are reduced by corresponding additives.
The specific heating values of the non-metallic raw materials for cables are specified to DIN 51900. The values of the caloric load or heat of combustion for electrical cables are given per running meter in the following tables.

The tables are subdivided according to the different cable designs, with halogen-free or halogenated insulation, number of conductors with different cross-sections.
With these tables of the caloric load values of our cables we will give you the possibility to accommodate your calculations for the application of these cables.

According to DIN VDE 108 supplement 1:
- The total caloric load of the cables are allowed up to 14 kWh per m of the field areas if only    halogen-free cables with improved characteristics
   in the case of fire are used. If you use PVC cables the total caloric load is only up to 7 kWh/m²
- Cables are according to
  • DIN VDE 0250 part 214 - halogen-free installation cable with improved fire behavior.
  • DIN VDE 0266 - halogen-free cables with improved characteristics in the case of fire.
  • DIN VDE 0815 - wiring cables for telecommunication and data processing systems.

- The caloric load values - Hu (calculated value):
PVC-conductor insulation Hu 6.3 kWh/kg
PVC-jacket material Hu 5.7 kWh/kg
PVC (lower limit) Hu 5.6 kWh/kg
H-conductor insulation Hu 4.8 kWh/kg
H-jacket material Hu 4.2 kWh/kg
PE in general Hu 12.2 kWh/kg
PP in general Hu 12.8 kWh/kg

The conversion of the values:
1 MJ/m² = 0.278 kWh/m², 1 kWh/m² = 3.6 MJ/m²

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