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Designation Code for Telephone Cables, Jumper Wires & Stranded Hook-up Wires

Basic Cable Type w/ additional information
A - Outdoor Cable
AB - Outdoor Cable w/ lightning protection requirements
AJ - Outdoor Cable w/ induction protection requirements
G - Mining Cable
I - Installation Cable
IE - Installation Cable for industrial electronics
IE-H - Installation Cable for industrial electronics, Halogen-free
S - Switchboard Cable
T - Distribution Cable
YV/Li... - Jumper Wires / Hook-up Wires
P - Dry Paper
Y - PVC (Polyvinyl chloride)
2Y - PE (Polyethylene)
Q2Y - Foamed PE (cellular)
Q2YS - Foam-skin insulation
3Y - Styroflex
6Y - FEP
C - Shield of braided copper wires
D - Copper shield, helically stranded
F - Filling of cable conductor with petrol-jelly
(K) - Shield of copper tape with PE-inner jacket
(L) - Aluminum tape
(ms) - Magnetic shield steel tape
(St) - Shield of plastic coated metallic foil
(Z) - High tensile steel wire braiding
Jacket Material
L - Smooth Aluminum jacket
(L)2Y - Copolymer coated Aluminum moisture barrier jacket
LD - Corrugated Aluminum jacket
M - Lead jacket
Mz - Lead alloy jacket
W - Corrugated steel jacket
Protective Coating
Y - PVC jacket
Yv - Reinforced protective PVC jacket
Yw - PVC jacket, heat-resistant
Yu -

PVC flame resistant (non-flammable)

2Y - PE jacket
2Yv - Reinforced protective PE jacket
E - Compound with embedded plastic tape
C - Protective covering of jute and compound
Number of Stranding Elements
x1x - Single conductor
x2x - Pair (double-conductor)
x3x - Triple-conductor
x4x - Quad-conductor
x5x - Five-conductor
Conductor Diameter in mm
Type of Stranding Components
F -

Star quad with phantom circuit in railway cables

S - Signal conductor in railway signal cable
StO - Star quad general
St - Star quad with phantom circuit for long distance
St I -

Star quad without phantom circuit

St II -

Star quad like St III, but with increased capacitance unbalances

St III -

Star quad in local (Subscriber) cable

St IV -

Star quad for transmission f = 120 kHz

St V - Star quad for transmission f = 550 kHz
ST VI - Star quad for transmission f = 17 MHz
DM - Dieselhorst-Martin quad
TF - Carrier frequency star quad
P - Twisted pair
PiMF - Pair in metal foil
ViMF - Quad in metal foil
BdiMF -

Unit in metal foil

Kx - Coaxial cable
Stranding Layout
Lg - Layer stranding concentric
Bd - Unit stranding
Armoring Wire
A -

Layer of Aluminum-wires for inductive protection

b - Armoring
B - Armoring of steel band for inductive protection
1B0.3 - 1 layer steel tape, thickness 0.3 mm
2B0.5 - 2 layers steel tape, thickness 0.5 mm
D - Layer of copper wires for inductive protection
(T) -

Strain bearing of steel wires for aerial cable

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