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Mi 0210 - Empty Enclosure 

Mi 0210, Empty Enclosures, Housing/Lid: Polycarbonate (Opaque/Transparent), Type NEMA 4x, (IP65) Useable Space: (W) 10.83"(275) x (H) 10.83"(275) x (D) 7.52" (191) mm, Transparent Lid
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Mi 0210, Empty Enclosures, Housing/Lid: Polycarbonate (Opaque/Transparent), Type NEMA 4x, (IP65) Useable Space: (W) 10.83"(275) x (H) 10.83"(275) x (D) 7.52" (191) mm, Transparent Lid
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Useable Space: (W) 10.83"(275) x (H) 10.83"(275) x (D) 7.52" (191) mm

  • empty box
  • please order DIN rails, mounting plates or covers additionally
  • with transparent lid
  • lid fasteners for tool operation
  • please order DIN rails, mounting plates or covers additionally
mounting width 275 mm
mounting height 275 mm
max. installation depth with built-in mounting plate 191 mm
max. installation depth with built-in DIN rail 180 mm
box size 2
degree of protection: IP 65
protection class II
material: thermoplastic
color: gray RAL 7032
width 300 mm
height: 300 mm
depth 214 mm

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Mi0210 Features & Applications

empty box Mi 0210
Application area Mi boxes are suitable for outdoor installation (harsh environment and/or outdoor). The material is examined and therefore qualified for the outdoor installation during direct sun radiation. However, pay attention to the climatic effects on the equipment.
Resistant to occasional cleaning procedures (direct jet) Resistance to occasional cleaning procedures (direct rinsing) with high-pressure cleaner without cleaning additives, water pressure: Max 100 bar, water temperature: Max. 80 C, distance => 0.15 m, in accordance with IP 69K requirements, individual box without lid equipment (no box combinations), single enclosures without lid components (not any enclosure assembly), enclosure and cable gland at least IP 65.
ambient temperature Maximum value + 70 C
Minimum value - 25 C
Fire protection in the event of internal faults Demands placed on electrical devices from standards and laws Minimum requirements - Glow wire test in accordance with IEC 60 695-2-11: - 650C for boxes and cable glands - 850C for parts of insulating material necessary to retain current carrying parts in position
Fire protection in the event of specific risks or hazards Demands placed on electrical installations and devices in areas and facilities subject to fire risk, e.g. DIN VDE 0100 Part 482, official regulations, VdS directives Minimum requirements - Glow wire test to IEC 60 695-2-11: - 850C for boxes and cable glands - 850C for cavity wall installation - Use of fire resistant cables
Burning behavior Glow wire test IEC 60 695-2-11: 960 C
UL Subject 94 V-2
flame resistant self-extinguishing
degree of protection against mechanical load IK08 (5 Joule)
Toxic behavior halogen-free silicone-free "halogen-free" in accordance with the examination of the cables and insulated wires - corrosiveness of fumes - as per IEC 754-2
Note: Supplementing references regarding outdoor installation - harsh environment and / or outdoor: - The materials used for the Mi System are basically UV resistant, so that the mechanical resistance of the boxes is maintained during UV effect. Depending on the intensity of the UV effect e.g. transparent lids can become intransparent. - The top side of the boxes should be protected by a cover against weather influences such as rains, ice and snow. - Further on, also chemical influences have to be considered with the selection of the installation place - apart from the IP rating and climatic effects. - In order to keep the maximum permissible ambient temperature of the installed equipment as well as for the prevention from condensation additional measures as ventilation and/or heating may be necessary. To material properties see technical data.

Our products are used in the following areas of application: 

  • Companies involved in the processing of metal, wood and paper, cement factories
  • Agricultural and food industries
  • Water treatment and sewage plants, power stations and cold-storage depots
  • Banks and insurance buildings
  • Leisure and commercial centers
  • Hotel and ciType NEMA complexes
  • Hospitals and clinics
  • Schools and universities
  • Stadiums and sports centers
  • Gas stations and traffic infrastructure in ports, underground stations, tunnel and road construction
  • Indoor and outdoor installations
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