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Nickel Plated Brass DOT Push-In Fittings - NPTF / Inch Sizes

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D6700 - Cartridge

D6700 - Cartridge Technical Drawing
Part Number OD
D6700 53-00 5/32 0.338 0.354 - 0.629 0.344 0.433 0.137
D6700 04-00 1/4 0.464 0.480 0.165 0.708 0.470 0.472 0.157
D6700 06-00 3/8 0.622 0.637 0.244 0.846 0.627 0.649 0.315
D6700 08-00 1/2 0.740 0.755 0.362 0.885 0.746 0.668 0.413
(Dimensions in Inches)
* Hole tolerances: +0.002-0.000 [in.]
* For plastic [non-metal] manifolds, reduce all hole dimensions "S" by 0.02 mm [0.001 in.]
* INSTALLATION: Drill or bore hole per specifications per size of cartridge (dimensions H and S).
* Smooth or ream hole dimensions to hole tolerances.
* Simply press fit cartridge into hole with an evenly distributed force over the top surface.
* Removal of the collet ring is not necessary.
* Cartridge fittings are useful for installations in various manifolds and/or distribution blocks when
drilling and tapping are not desirable.
Technical Specifications
Material Electroless Nickel-plated brass OT58 UNI 5705
Collet Brass OT58 UNI 5705, nickel plated
O-Ring Buna-N [Viton® available], Epdm available
Thread Connections 1/8", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2" NPTF
Operating Pressure 0 - 800 psi
Tube Diameters 5/32", 1/4", 3/8", 1/2"
Fluid Compressed air (For other types of fluids please contact us)
Operating Temperature -20°F to 200°F (-29°C - 93°C)
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Nickel Plated Brass DOT Push-in Fittings - NPTF/Inch
D6510 Male Connector
D6463 Female Connector
D6700 Cartrige
D6580 Union
D6590 Bulkhead Union
D6520 Swivel Elbow
D6500 Male Elbow
D6550 Union Elbow
D6430 Branch Tee Swivel
D6440 Run Tee Swivel
D6540 Union Tee
D6560 Union "Y"
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