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Pneumatics - Fittings and Flow Control Valves

CAMOZZI Fittings - Product Benefits & Features

Composite Fittings: NPTF Threads with Pro-Fit® Seal
Composite Fittings: NPTF Threads with Pro-Fit® Seal
The technical solution: camozzi has maintained the technically advanced and world-renowned collet solution by further optimizing the dimensions and the design from Series 6000 Fittings and Flow Control Valves.

Durable Metal Collet: Nickel Plated brass collet provides superior resistance to shock, wear and fatigue compared to inferior plastic collets. Proven metal design offers a higher holding force with easier tube release that won’t scratch tubing like plastic “bite-ring” designs. Tube OD size is stamped on collet face.

Composite Body: Glass-fiber reinforced, thermoplastic material is incredibly strong and lightweight with improved resistance to UV exposure, abrasion and other chemical substances. Molded composite material allows for integral mounting holes and a broader range of complex shapes.

Pro-Fit Thread Seal-Ring Design:
reusable Teflon seal reduces assembly time by up to 45% and eliminates exposed threads, making it ideal for food processing, robotics, packaging & manifold assemblies. Eliminates risk of pneumatic system contamination from antiquated thread sealants.
Features Benefits
Collet Collet
  • Nickel Plated, All-metal Collet and Release ring
  • Brass insert for collet support and tube grip strength
  • Collet design offers greater grip strength under higher pressure or
    tubing tension
  • Collet release mechanism based on relaxed slope of grip teeth, as
    opposed to disengaging “bite-rings” from partially cut tubes
  • Removable Collet and tube o-rings
  • Won’t break like plastic release rings, More Durable design
  • Brass insert maintains collet stability, tube grip strength and consistent tube-release performance
  • Higher holding force, with easier release
  • Won’t scratch tubes like “bite-ring” designs
  • Less chance of micro-leakage and bubble-leaks over time due to damaged tubing
  • Higher pressures actually offer greater grip-strength with high-pressure Nylon tubing
  • OD Tube Size stamped on Collet face
Body Body
  • Glass-fiber reinforced, thermoplastic compact injection-molded body
  • All-Metal, Nickel Plated Threads
  • Standard Buna-N or Specialized O-ring choices for High-Temp, Low-Temp, Special Fluids, Food-Grade compatibility
  • Broad Range of shapes and configurations
  • Crimp design on Swivels maintains Full ID Flow path
  • Swivels offer Mechanical crimping lock based on brass design
  • Thermoplastic Nylon composite more resistant to UV exposure
  • Better resistance to stress-cracking, abrasion, solvents, detergents & hydrocarbons
  • 15% Reduction in overall Body size, (24% in Assembly height / 8% in Tube Radius), compared to recently reduced-size Brass line
Pro-Fit® Thread Design Pro-Fit® Thread Design
  • Multiple Thread sealant systems: Pro-Fit®/NPTF & BSP/O-Ring Spot Face
  • Full ID Flow for Swivels with high relief on larger sizes
  • Reduced assembly time without taping of threads
  • Re-usable seal design, with no exposed threads
  • FDA/NSF approved materials
  • Simplified manifold circuits with broader variety of fitting combinations and shapes to select
  • Lighter weight for End-of-Arm tooling & Robotic handling
  • Compact design reduces overall dimensions for valve assemblies, packaging applications and control cabinets

camozzi Fittings & Accessories
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